Be Active ASAP


What is it?

Be Active ASAP is an after school physical exercise programme designed to broaden children’s exercise experiences and to involve parents in these experiences.

When does it happen?

Sessions take place in six week blocks on Mondays at 3 o’clock until 4 o’clock. The current sessions are running from 6th March until 3rd April.

Where does it happen?

Sessions take place in the P.E hall or in the yard (weather permitting)

Who is Be Active for?

The sessions are available to second class children.

New volunteers are always welcome! Please contact Miss McCabe if you would like to get involved!

Here’s what some of the children said about the Be Active sessions:
“I liked passing the ball different ways, it was fun!” – Lee

“I liked playing hockey”- Avrit

“Tennis was fun!”- Alex

“I enjoyed tennis”- Odhran

“I had fun playing tennis”- Patrick

“I enjoyed passing the basketball”- Kaitlyn

“I enjoyed tennis and being outside”- Nia

“I liked hockey”- Caitlin

“The tennis was fun!”- Holly

“I liked playing tennis with my mammy”- Silbhi

“I liked tennis!”- Hanah

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