Miss Doyle

Hello everyone. Welcome to First Class! We are settling in nicely in room 29. We are looking forward to learning lots of exciting things this year and to all the fun activities we have in St Joseph’s.


Fun Day

We had fun day last Friday. There were so many great activities we got to do. ​ ​We really enjoyed musical chairs and making lots of bubbles!

School Tour

We went to Turoe Pet Farm for our school tour. It was a fantastic day! We were in Inflatable City and Jungle Town. We got to meets loads of interesting animals and we got to feed them too!​ We had so much fun!

Charleville Forest

We went to Charleville to see the beautiful bluebells. We collected some for our classroom and for our homes. They smelt lovely. It was a great day!​

Clara Bog

We had a great day at Clara Bog. We learned loads of facts about the plants and animals that live there. We got to use binoculars, nets and magnifying glasses to explore the bog.​


We had loads of fun getting ready for our Halloween parade. We brought our instruments and chanted our poems. We played lots of spooky games. It was great fun.

Roald Dahl Day

It was Roald Dahl’s birthday on the 13th of September. Our class listened to stories from Roald Dahl. Yellow was Roald Dahl’s favourite colour. We all wore yellow to school. Take a look at a photo of us below reading Roald Dahl stories.  We are also reading the novel ‘The Twits’ in class. We created wanted posters for the twits and we made our very own hairy, food covered beard for Mr. Twit. It was great fun!