Ms. Mulligan

Welcome to Ms. Mulligan’s First Class!


We were looking at our different senses in science. There are 5 senses! Touch, Hearing, Sight, Smell and Taste. We covered our eyes and used only the senses of smell and taste to figure out the flavour of a drink. It was great fun! The flavours were – strawberry, orange, lemon and lime and apple. A yummy occasional treat!

Halloween is always great fun! We dressed up, went on a Halloween Parade with instruments and got a few treats at the end of the day. We played a few tricks on teacher too!

Water bottles were given to all classes from Marie Bennett from ACE. We are a health promoting school. Drink lots of water!

Sometimes we just like to play! Look at some of our constructions.

Who doesn’t love a roller coaster? We examined the forces of push and pull and designed our own rollercoaster. Some marbles suffered in the process, however after finding mistakes, and redesigning our rollercoasters, all marbles travelled safely to the end point.