Mr Hynes

A big welcome to our webpage.   The boys and girls are well settled in as they begin their final year in St. Joseph’s.  A quick four years……

They have been working so hard that they deserved a treat where they made some lovely smoothies.   Thanks to the mammies & Ms. O’Brien for all their help.

The children have a very special year coming up where they will make their First Confession & First Holy Communion.

The children have loads to look forward to:  Using iPADS with educational apps,  going to Mass, visiting the library, going swimming, Grandparents Day, Music Generation.   The boys and girls are also so lucky to be attending “Beauty and the Beast” in the Helix Dublin just before Christmas.

We will keep you posted over the next few months.

Easter Quiz

All of second class had their annual Seachtain na Gaeilge quiz in the hall. Congrats

to one of our class groups who came in 3rd place.

Counting Coins

Thanks to everyone who contributed to our copper coin collection.  We sorted all our coins

into 1, 2 and 5 cents.   They children took a station each.  We then put our counting skills into action

and counted in 2’s and 5’s.

Thanks again.


Some of the fabulous projects the boys and girls completed.  After all of this

they realized that Offaly was the best county in Ireland.


Some of the children’s art for St. Patrick’s Day and Mother’s Day.   I hope they sang the

song they learned for their mammies.

World Book Day

After all the snow the boys and girls had World Book day.   The dressed up as their

favourite character.  Each class showed all their costumes by showing them off on

stage. Well done.


The children really enjoyed this Engineering workshop.  In their groups they made a car and raced them against each other when they were completed

Grandparents’ Day

Recently the children welcomed their Grandparents into the class. The children entertained them with poems, songs and tin whistle. The boys and girls also took part in a quiz with their grandparents.  Before going home the children planted a sunflower.   I hope they are still alive after the snow.


The boys and girls planted some Spring flowers.   Luckily we planted them in pots which we are keeping indoors.   We didn’t expect the heavy snowfall.   We have also weed out the flower boxes at the front of the school.   We will be replanting in the coming weeks.

Pancake Day

The children enjoyed some delicious pancakes.


The boys and girls made a metre stick and used it to measure the length of the corridor.

Grandparents’ Day

Happy Christmas everyone!!

Old and New Toys

In one of our history lessons the boys and girls were examining old and new toys.  The oldest toy was a refurbished red metal fire engine from 1938 nearly 80 years old.

Science Week

As part of Science Week 2017 the second class children took part in some work shops to design their own unique kite.   After all their hard work the boys and girls took to flying them in the playground.

Chritmas Shoebox appeal

Over the past few weeks the boys and girls were collecting items for the shoe box appeal.  With such generosity we managed to fill two shoe boxes – one for a boy and one for a girl.  These two children will be so delighted to receive these boxes this Christmas.

Halloween Costumes

Fruit Tasting

The boys and girls were doing some fruit tasting: apples, oranges, bananas & grapes

Be Safe, Be Seen

The RSA is running their yearly campaign on road safety.  The children are learning the importance of wearing a seatbelt, wearing a hi-vis, etc…

“Be Safe Be Seen” is important for both children and parents when we are out on the road.

Active Week