Mr Hynes

A big welcome to our webpage.   The boys and girls are well settled in as they begin their final year in St. Joseph’s.  A

quick four years…… The children have a very special year coming up where they will make their First Confession & First Holy Communion.

The children have loads to look forward to:  Using iPADS with educational apps,  going to Mass, visiting the library, going swimming, Grandparents Day, Music Generation.   The boys and girls are also so lucky to be attending “Robin Hood” in the Helix Dublin just before Christmas.

We will keep you posted over the next few months.


What an eventful year! Goodbye from Mr. Hynes & St. Joseph’s. Wishing you all the very best in your new schools. Enjoy these memories!

World Book Day

On Thursday last the children dressed as their favourite book character to celebrate World Book Day.  Their costumes were amazing.

Breakfast in the Staff Room!

One of the children’s classmates left on Friday so we all had tea, pastries & orange juice in the staff room.  We wish him all the best & will miss him dearly.

Road Safety Week.

As the is road safety week the boys and girls are learning about the importance of being safe on our roads.   Each child received an armband and from the photographs we can see the difference in wearing an armband and not.

We also had a visit from two local guards who spoke to us about the importance of wearing a seat belt, crossing the road, etc..

Granny and Granddad’s Day


The children were busy making Leaf art, Paint symmetry, Halloween bonfires, Pattern salt cups, Christmas tree.  They children also brought in some lovely projects relating to Christmas around the world.

Class Halloween

The children came to school in fantastic Halloween costumes.   They all looked really scary.  Check out the pictures to see for yourself.

Draughts & Scouts

A few visitors came to the school in the first term.   The Tullamore scouts came along and pitched tents and toasted marsh-mellows.   Also the children got the opportunity to play draughts.  We have yet to challenge the other classes to a game.


The children visited the local library on a few occasions.  They used VR headsets to watch 3D movie clips.  The school choir also sang in the library and the Bridge Centre.  Watch the videos.


Children sang in the Bridge Centre.  They were very lucky to get a hot chocolate on the way back to school.  It was a very cold day so it was extra nice.   The children had a great trip to The Helix, Dublin to see the panto Robin Hood.  It was excellent.  There are also pictures of the boys & girls rehearsing for their Christmas school play.   They were brilliant and had a great time performing on stage. This was their last stage performance in St. Joseph’s.





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