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Welcome to the class page.

Hello from Ms. Newman and all the pupils in room 20! We welcome you to our webpage and hope you come back regularly to see all the exciting topics we are learning and the activities we are taking part in!  We are excited to see what second class brings!

A Fond Farewell 


On Monday 24th June second class were treated to a surprise graduation ceremony! What a fabulous end to their four years in St. Joseph’s school. They had some afternoon tea before a number of awards were presented! We had best listeners, amazing actors, helpers, magic musicians, biggest smiles, funniest classmates, lovely hand writers and many more awards which were presented to the boys and girls! We also held a class vote where the classmate of the year was voted by the pupils themselves, well done to Harry Dumpleton on receiving this award in room 20, well deserved! This was followed by a slideshow of old photos from juniors infants to second class and an outdoor disco! A big well done to all the boys and girls, you all deserved the certificates which you received. (Please see our photos of our graduation below!)

I will miss you all and you will all be missed around St. Joseph’s school! Most importantly I wish you all the very best in 3rd class and in your new schools. I hope our paths cross in the future!

From Ms Newman and all the pupils in room 20 … slán leat and have a great summer!


Fun From Start To Finish – Fun Day 2019!!

Fun Day 2019 did not disappoint, from 9.30am until 3.00pm we did not stop having fun and smiling!! We enjoyed construction, dance, bingo, football, water relays, inflatable obstacle courses, bouncing castles, musical chairs and much much more! It was a great day we enjoyed every bit of it as you can see from our photos….


Drumming Workshop

During multicultural we had the opportunity to take part in a drumming workshop. Attached are some photos and videos from our experience!

Brazil – Mardi Gras

We jetted off to South America last week in room 20, all the way to Brazil! We now know lots of facts about Brazil and can draw their flag. We loved learning about the Mardi Gras and why it is celebrated. Did you know it is illegal to ride on a float in the Mardi Gras parade without a mask? Take a look at the amazing masks we made for Mardi Gras….

Bluebells Bluebells Everywhere!!

Last week we travelled to Charleville to see the beautiful bluebells! It is a trip we look forward to every year in St. Joseph’s and this year did not disappoint. Take a look at our photos.

Our Trip To Clonard House

On Monday 29th April we set off on our bus trip to Mullingar! We were very excited to see Clonard House and all it had to offer. We entered into the 1800’s almost immediately, we dressed up as servants and made some butter, did some hand washing, collected sticks, footed the turf and learned how to milk a cow. Lady Newman was dressed up in a ball gown and jewellery, we were dying to dress up as Lord’s and Ladies too!! Soon after we got that chance, we practised walking with books on our heads and danced in the ballroom. We had such a fun-filled day learning history and seeing how our great-grandparents would have lived in the past!

Pancake Tuesday

Mix the pancake,

Stir the pancake,

Pop it in the pan!

Fry the pancake,

Toss the pancake,

Catch it if you can!

Look at our photos to see us doing all of these steps on Pancake Tuesday!

Landscapes Around The World 

We have been learning about famous landmarks around the world, as well as in Ireland. We really enjoyed learning facts about different structures! We even constructed our favourite ones – please see the photos of our creations!! We constructed The Eiffel Tower, London Eye, Pyramids, Golden Gate Bridge, Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty, Burj Khalfia, The Great Wall of China and The Leaning Tower of Pisa, and learned about many more! Did you know, many of these buildings are lit up green for St. Patrick’s Day!

World Book Day 2019 – We Love Reading!

World Book Day 2019 (March 7th) did not disappoint!! The boys and girls in room 20 made a huge efforts dressing up as their favourite characters and authors. They brought in their favourite books and did lots and lots of DEAR time! We participated in a fashion show in the hall and we even had an extreme reading photo shoot!! Reading is brilliant and you can read ANYWHERE!!! See our photos to find out more…..

Granny and Grandads’ Day 

We celebrated a hugely successful Grandparents Day in room 20 on Wednesday 6th February. The boys and girls spent weeks preparing their performance, which included poems, songs, tin whistle tunes and jokes. They also created beautiful paintings with special memories of grandparents. As well as that they wrote their own acrostic poems. It was a lovely afternoon, we were even treated to a rendition of The Offaly Rover by one Grandad. Darragh also did an amazing performance on the ukulele with Ms. Dowling and Mr. Dufficy, and Ms. Lee joined in on the violin! We wish we could do it all over again! It really was a day to remember and thanks to all the family members who could join us on this special day!

The photos and videos below showcase the performance on 6th February as well as the weeks of preparation beforehand. The boys and girls learned about life in past from a variety of perspectives including home life, school life, and games which were played in the past. A special thank you to Ms. Malone for taking the time to teach us all about life in the past and showing us such lovely artefacts. We really appreciate it!

Odd Socks Day

We celebrated anti-bullying week from 21st-25th January. On Wednesday 23rd we held an odd socks day! Some of the boys and girls in our class even decided to wear odd shoes and runners! It was a special day for all of us to showcase our differences. We are all UNIQUE! We really enjoyed wearing odd socks!! Please see some photos below.

Christmas Around The World

Ms. Newman’s class spent time during December learning about Christmas traditions in countries around the world. We researched information about Christmas in Germany, Mexico, Japan and many more countries! We invited Ms. Dowling and some other classes to see our projects and put in lots of effort! Ms Newman is very proud of all the boys and girls and their projects. A big thank you to everyone who helped at home to complete these projects also! Please see some pictures of our brilliant efforts…..

Future Beekeepers!

We love to welcome visitors to our classroom. On 28th November we learned all about bees, pollen and bee keeping. We were lucky enough to taste some honey…. it was delicious! Some pupils became beekeepers for the day and wore the protective clothing and carried out some beekeeping activities. It was great fun and we learnt lots! You can see what we got up to in our photos…..


Exploring the Solar System – Science Week

During science week 2018 we learnt about, and explored the solar system. This was so interesting we wanted to know more and more! First we researched information and watched videos online. Then we created our own rockets and launched them into space – check out our launch video! We experimented a lot ensuring they could fly. Next we explored the various planets, moons and stars. Finally we painted our 3D planets and constructed our own 3D solar systems. We hope you see them in the hallway outside room 20 – we are very proud of our solar systems! We had a blast….. off!!


We loved celebrating Halloween in room 20. We sang songs for the whole school before the parade, we marched in our costumes in the parade and we even had a Halloween themed table quiz! We loved dressing up in our costumes. Ms Newman showed us an experiment where different materials mixed inside a pumpkin made it spew and erupt!


On Friday 12th October we learnt some of our very first karate moves! We were learning how to kick correctly and block an attack. We enjoyed it a lot. Ellie Rose did a great job helping the instructor, when he demonstrated the moves to us. We love karate!

GAA Coaching!

Our class began GAA coaching this week, on Wednesday 3rd October. We are already looking forward to the next few weeks coaching! It is great fun!

Scouts Visit

Some members of the Tullamore Scouts Club came to talk to second class on Friday 5th October. They told us all about beavers and cubs and are hoping some of us will join! It sounds very exciting, they do lots of activities and it is a chance to make new friends!  As a special surprise they set up some tents outside for us to see. We toasted marshmallows, as well as getting the chance to light a small fire with flint. What an exciting way to end friendship week in St. Joseph’s.

We are learning how to play Draughts!

All of us boys and girls in second class have been lucky enough to learn draughts. We are learning the rules and we love it! It is great to play draughts in pairs with our friends and have some healthy competition! 

European Week of Sport

European Week of Sport took place from 24th to 28th September in St. Joseph’s. We ran a daily mile, did the 10 @ 10, walked to the church, went swimming, enjoyed some sports stations outside, had dance class and even raced and did tug o war against the teachers! It was a sports filled week for us in room 20 and we enjoyed it all! See some photos below.

Roald Dahl Day


We celebrated Roald Dahl Day on Thursday 13th September. The boys and girls in room 20 were dressed in yellow for this special day! We discussed Roald Dahl and learnt some new facts about his life! We talked about his famous books and Ms. Newman read some of ‘The Witches’ to us. We love this book!! We even completed crosswords with words relating to this famous author. It was a great day!

Maths – Exploring Symmetry

We are learning about symmetry in maths this month. Did you know that Symmetry is when both sides of something are exactly the same? An exciting way to see symmetry in action is to paint one side of a page and fold it over. When we folded the page our pictures appeared on the opposite side! It helped us understand symmetry and was lots of fun!

Dance with Aisling!

We really enjoyed our dance class this week. We learned actions to a George Ezra song and created a dance with these actions. It was great fun! Take a look at the photos and see our new dance moves!

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