Miss Newman


Goodbye everyone, thank you so much for looking at our page this year! We had such a fun year and learned a lot. We will miss room 7 but we are really looking forward to first class!

Thank you and goodbye for now!

Ms. Newman and all the boys and girls in senior infants (room 7).


Welcome to our class page, we are in room 7 this year and we are settling in nicely. There are 20 boys and girls in our class, please read on and see what has been happening in our class!


 Well done to Eva Fitzpatrick who did not miss a day of school this year. Hannah Prendergast and Kaylin McEvoy were only absent for one day! Super achievements!

Well done also to Alannah Brickley for doing such a great job representing our class on the Health School Promotion Committee.

Fun Day

Fun day was so much fun and we did not let the small bit of rain dampen our spirits!! The bouncing castles were our favourite part but we also enjoyed the chalk drawing, water relays, races and basketball.

We cannot wait for next year already!!


Minibeasts Theme

During our Minibeasts theme we explored the school environment and found many Minibeasts, including ants, spiders, flies, snails and slugs.

We loved exploring! See everything we found and investigated in our photos.

Active Week 2018.


What an amazing active week we had!!! The boys and girls were great sports and tried their best with every activity! We started each day running a mile with a smile 🙂 We had dance lessons and performed our new dance for the whole school on Thursday! We did obstacle courses, circuits, and had active hour with lots of fun games. One of our favourite parts was racing against the teachers, we had running races, egg and spoon races, and even tug of war competitions! The sun was shining and we were smiling, it was a super week of fun activities! We received a certificate for doing our best and participating in Active Week 2018.

Bluebells Everywhere!

 The bluebells are in full bloom in Charleville Woods and we went for a lovely walk to find them. We were very lucky, we even got to pick a few to bring home! We love Charleville, it is so colourful At the moment.

Eli and I Book Launch

 We were very lucky in senior infants this month! We were invited to Tullamore library to a book launch. Three transition year pupils from Killina Presentation Secondary School wrote and illustrated a short story called Eli and I. We even got to draw our own illustrations of Eli!

Imaginosity – Our School Tour


On Wednesday 16th May senior infants set off on the bus to visit Imaginosity in Dublin. Everyone was very excited and we had so much fun exploring the children’s museum! You can have a look at the fun things we saw and did in these photos.

Cinema Experience

As a special thank you to everybody for bringing in spare change and coppers to raise money for the school, the parents council organised a cinema day for the pupils! The hall was transformed it was amazing! We watched Paddington 2 and had popcorn, sweets and some drinks. It was a super day!

Forces: Magnetism.

 In science we are investigating forces. We experimented with magnets – some were tiny, others were bigger, we even used some huge magnets shaped like horse shoes. They did not stick to everything in our classroom, we experimented with different materials! We now know that magnets can repel and attract. We loved experimenting with magnets as you can see!

Spring Nature Walk.

We had a lot of fun on our Spring nature walk. We walked around the school with clipboards and found different things – daffodils, insects, leaves, and lots more! We saw the water butt and we even visited the senior infants lime tree to see how it has grown since Winter time!

Saint Patrick’s Day and Seachtain Na Gaeilge Celebrations.


In room 7 we had a lot of fun learning Irish dancing with the help of Deirdre, our SNA. We also dressed up in lots of green for our parade. Can you spot us in our leprechaun masks!?

World Book Day

We celebrated World Book Day on 7th March in St. Joseph’s. The boys and girls in room 7 turned into a variety of book characters for this special day! We had characters such as Harry Potter, Gangster Granny, Elsa, The Queen, Batman, and Superman, amongst many others! The pupils also loved taking part in a fashion show for World Book Day.

Spring Has Begun!!

We Love Reading!

 In room 7 we love reading our books every day. We enjoy DEAR (drop everything and read) time! We are currently participating in the ‘Read Anytime’ initiative with Tullamore Town Library and we will read for ten minutes every day until we break for Easter on the 23rd March. We are also celebrating World Book Day on Wednesday 7th March and we cannot wait to dress up as our favourite characters in room 7! Please check back for photos of this in the coming weeks.


The boys and girls in room 7 joined forces with room 6 to attend an engineering workshop. We loved working as teams to build our very own roller coaster tracks. We analysed,experimented and investigated until we could successfully roll a marble down our tracks into a cup at the bottom! We even added hills to our tracks to make them even more exciting! We used our science knowledge of forces such as pushing and pulling, amongst other knowledge, during this workshop. It was great fun!

Eddie the Penguin

Thank you all so much for supporting us with our class play. We had a lot of fun preparing and performing Eddie The Penguin for the other classes in the school, and for all the parents and other family members! Here are some photos….

Good Nutrition in important!


Jill from Bradbury’s came to talk to us about healthy eating! We now know the top ten healthy foods we should eat to help our brains work well, and our muscles grow. We were so lucky we got to taste all the yummy food. We will try very hard to eat healthy food in room 7 in line with our healthy eating policy in St. Joseph’s.  Look at some photos below 🙂

Dancing Fun

We had a lot of fun when Aisling was in the school teaching us some dance moves! We can perform all the moves to ‘The Penguin Dance’ now.  We also practised them in our classroom with Ms. Newman so we do not forget the actions!

Penguins ATTENTION…… Penguins BEGIN!!

Sensory Room Fun

The sensory room is a fantastic facility which we are lucky to have in St.Josephs. Here are a few shots of pupils from room 7 enjoying this amazing facility.

The Senior Infants Lime Tree

 We went to visit the Senior Infants lime tree last week. It has changed a lot since Autumn. The children noticed it had no leaves, and its branches had also been cut.

There was a new flower bed underneath the lime tree – we cannot wait until Spring to see what flowers will grow there! We think there will be daffodils, snowdrops and crocuses.

We drew some beautiful pictures of our lime tree in Winter time. We used chalk pastels to do these drawings. You can see them displayed outside our classroom.

The Nutracker

We really enjoyed listening to The Nutcracker story. We enjoyed it so much we decided to draw our very own Nutcracker. Ms.Newman drew her Nutcracker on the board to help us with the different shapes. We also looked at pictures of The Nutcracker to help us with our drawings. You can see us painting our Nutcrackers in these pictures! We love painting!

Christmas Singing

Check our these videos of our Christmas singing.


Our Christmas trip to the library and our Christmas Elf Art.

Santa Dash

We love Christmas time in room 7! We especially enjoyed the St. Josephs ‘Santa Dash’. We ran around the school and when we got back to the yard Santa was waving and cheering us on! We were lucky enough to get a class photograph with Santa. Ms. Dowling had Christmas music playing and we all danced and sang in the yard. It was a lot of fun.

Biodiversity Walk in Charleville. 

On Thursday 9th November Junior and Senior infants went by bus to Charleville for a Biodiversity walk. It was a lovely sunny day and the boys and girls collected lots of Autumn leaves, acorns and pine cones. They saw colourful fairy doors along the walk, but no one was lucky enough to spot any fairies! Maybe next time!



We celebrated Halloween on Friday 27th October and room 7 did not disappoint! The boys and girls wore costumes and masks. There were superheroes, witches, zombies and the teachers dressed up as emojis. We had great fun walking around Arden View for our annual Halloween Parade. We sang songs and played instruments as we paraded around! We played Halloween games, carved our own pumpkin, created Halloween art and we even put our hands in slime!

2D Shapes – Numeracy


We have been having a lot of fun learning about 2D shapes. We made shape patterns, tangrams and shape robots. Our shape robots are on display outside room 7 please come and have a look. We also played eye spy within the classroom based on 2D shapes. You could play this this at home too!

Aistear – Houses and Homes.


Our Aistear theme for September was houses and homes. The children loved all the activities during this topic. They engaged with small world activities, dolls houses, construction with blocks and Lego, as well as play-dough. They enjoyed making houses and furniture with match sticks! See some pictures below.

Our next Aistear theme will be based around Autumn and The Little Red Hen.

European Week of Sport: 


On Friday 29th September St. Joseph’s participated with National Fitness Day. The children completed a 10 @ 10, they did excellent exercise during this! We also had golden time outside where lots of different activities were set up for everyone to enjoy! Over the course of the whole week senior infants ran the distance to Dublin, we did two laps of the school daily to complete this challenge. Finally Ella and Kayla Mc were chosen to complete the egg and spoon race with other senior infants pupils, against the 5 senior infants teachers and of course they won hands down!!  Well done boys and girls it was a great week of fitness, let’s keep it up!

Roald Dahl Day:

We celebrated Roald Dahl Day on the 13th September and the room was filled with yellow. Did you know yellow was Roald Dahls favourite colour? The pupils did some beautiful colouring based on his most famous books. They learnt some exciting facts about Roald Dahl, and even watched some of James and the Giant Peach. It was a great day!