Ms. Daly

Summer Fun

Junior infants enjoyed a picnic out in the sunshine today!

Active Week

Junior infants have been super active this week with dance classes, biodiversity trails and lots of PE out in the sunshine!


Our trip to Charleville.

Fun in the Sun

We did PE outside while the weather was sunny. We played with balls of all different sizes, we played tennis and we had great fun with hula hoops!


Using 2D shapes to make pictures.

Spring Hunt

We did a spring hunt around the school grounds. We found blossom, birds, insects, buds and lots of flowers!

The Dogs Trust

Paul and Magic the dog from Dog Trust came to visit us. We learned how to stay safe around dogs.

Seachtain na Gaeilge

Bhí an-spórt againn i rith Seachtain na Gaeilge

Giant Teddy

We had a lucky boy win the giant teddy in room 3 today!

Santa’s Workshop

We enjoyed playing in ‘Santa’s Workshop’ for Aistear this week

Christmas Baking

Thanks to the mums and dads from room 3 for coming in to help with Christmas baking. We really enjoyed eating our Christmas cookies!


There was great excitement this morning when we got to meet a special visitor to our school!


We LOVE Aistear in room 3. This week our theme is Hallowe’en so we’ve been making Hallowe’en themed play dough, dressing up & playing trick or treat and making our own monsters as part of an art activity!

Autumn Walk

We went for an autumn walk and visited the Maple tree. We collected autumn leaves them used our leaves to create leaf rubbings. Can you sing out autumn leaf song?
🎶 Autumn leaves are falling down, falling down, falling down
Autumn leaves are falling down on the ground
Red and yellow,  gold and brown, gold and brown, gold and brown
Red and yellow,  gold and brown
On the ground 🎶
(To the tune of London Bridge)

School Library

Every Tuesday we visit the school library when we get to swap our library books. We LOVE stories in room 3. Our favourite author is Julia Donaldson. She wrote The Gruffalo and Room On The Broom

Ready, Set, Go! Maths

During Ready Set Go Maths we sort lots of different collections, play Maths games and this week we’ve been practising patterns!

Fruit Tasting

The boys and girls from room 3 were fruit tasting in the Parents’ Room this morning. We dipped apples, bananas, oranges, pears and grapes into chocolate! Yum!

Our first day of school!

Teddy Island

We have great fun playing with our friends at ‘Teddy Island’!