Junior Infants

Ms. Goodings

Ms. Healy

Ms. Sheridan

Ms. Crombie

Ms. Byrne

Senior Infants

Ms. Lyons/Ms. Dooley

Ms. Lee

Ms. Lalor

Ms. Spollen

Ms. Mahon

First Class

Ms. Brady

Ms. Kenny

Mr. Gorman

Ms. Doyle

Second Class

Mr. Hynes

Ms. Newman

Ms. Fitzsimons

Ms. Larkin

Ms. Mulligan

Speech and Language Class

Áthas Junior

Áthas Senior 


Activities and Events

Active School 2020-2021

Halloween 2020

Door Competition

Science Week 2020

Bin Competition 2020

Ice Cream Van 2021

Active Week 2021

Pop-up Library 2021

Robert Dunbar Library 2021

Spring Clean 2021

Christmas 2020

Pyjama Party 2020


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