Junior Infants
Ms. Todd’s class
Ms. Egan’s class
Ms. Sheridan’s class
Ms. Kelly’s class
Ms. Crombie’s class

Senior Infants
Ms. McEvoy’s class
Ms Hogan/Ms. McCabe’s class
Ms. Galvin’s class
Ms. Mahon’s class
Ms. Lee’s class

First Class
Ms. Kenny’s class
Ms. Gleeson’s class
Ms. Phelan’s class
Ms. Heffernan’s class
Ms. Linehan’s class

Second Class
Mr. Hynes’ class
Ms. Dolan’s class
Ms. Cormican’s class
Ms. Newman’s class

Senior Class
Junior Class

Fun Day 2023

Mindfulness 2023

Crazy Hair Day 2023

Afternoon Tea 2023

Christmas 2022

Pyjama Party 2022

Halloween 2022

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