Vision Statement

Vision Statement

Our school cherishes all pupils equally and to aid them in achieving their true potential we endeavour to:

  • Offer a happy and positive experience of school that fosters a sense of uniqueness and self-esteem whilst maintaining a sense of fun and play

  • Promote a good attitude to and respect for peers and teachers and a sense of inclusion in the school community where parents already play an integral role

  • Encourage each child to develop to their full potential in all curricular areas and to be motivated in their learning

  • Instill a nurturing sense of awe, wonder and beauty and so lead our pupils to God

  • Demonstrate a commitment to promoting a healthy attitude towards physical development through exercise and diet

  • Value the diversity of our culture and environment and build a sense of citizenship where pupils have a sense of tolerance, responsibility and an awareness of their own rights and the rights of others.

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