Anti-bullying Week 2019

Anti-Bullying Week 2019

January 21st-25th


Anti-bullying week was marked by a range of activities in all classes. Our theme song for the week was the ever popular “This is Me” from the Greatest Showman. All classes viewed PowerPoints and YouTube clips on the topic and this gave rise to great discussion on our views and attitudes to bullying and friendship.

Our Stay Safe Rules of “Say no, Get away and Tell” were reinforced. This is what we tell the children to do to get away from a situation they are not comfortable with.

All classes participated in many activities on this topic. First class completed an interesting activity on Wrinkled Wanda that demonstrated that unkind words have a lasting effect on a person and that we need to build up a bank of kind words about ourselves that helps with our self –esteem. Some classes made anti-bullying posters while others made pledges to stop or prevent bullying occurring.

As a whole school we held an Odd Sock Day where everybody was encouraged to wear odd socks as a symbol of how unique we all are. It was an opportunity to express oneself and celebrate individuality. Some classes designed their own socks. The day was very successful and led to a lot of discussion and provided opportunities for children to chat to each other about their choice of socks.

Some great photos were taken to capture the events of the week.

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