Anti-Bullying Week 2024

Anti-Bullying week 2024 – February 6th-9th.

We mark Anti-Bullying week every year in St Joseph’s. All classes are encouraged to
take part in a range of activities to help raise awareness of bullying and strategies to
use if we are bullied or witness bullying behaviour.
As always our Stay Safe Rules were revised “Say No, Get Away, Tell”

Classes took part in a range of activities such as playground games, Walk Tall
lessons, listening to stories on the theme of bullying, watching PowerPoint
presentations and literacy lessons on this theme.

There was a great variety of socks on display during Odd Socks Day. Wearing odd
socks was a reminder to us all of how unique we are.
We had a fantastic whole school art display with the heading
“Walk Away from Bullies
Stand Up as Buddies!”

The Student Council helped raise the Cinéaltas flag. The flag serves as a reminder
of the school communities shared commitment to be kind and to work together to
prevent and address bullying.

We hope you enjoy some of our phots of the week.

Anti Bulying Week MC 2024

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