Friendship Week 2019

Friendship Week 2019

We celebrated Friendship Week from September 30th-October 4th. Each class level took part in many activities throughout the week culminating with a collaborative whole school art project which can be seen in the PE hall.

During the week teachers were busy “catching children being a good friend” and the children didn’t disappoint. Everybody that was caught was entered into a raffle with some lovely prizes for the lucky winners. Our entry box was overflowing, well done to all the good friends!

Second Class buddied up with Junior Infants to introduce them to the school, to play games and read with them. There was “secret friend for the day”, songs, stories to help highlight the important role friendship has to play in school and in life.

In class children had PE, SPHE, Art, Literacy and many more activities all with the theme of Friendship. A Friendship Tree was planted that had been donated by Pryia’s parents-Thank You.

Overall Friendship week was a great success. We will continue to value and promote how important good friends are every day.

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