Green School

Green School Committee:

The committee for 2019-2020 is: Marianne, Sophie, Lisa Marie, Kelly, Luke, Chloe, Neil, Hannah, Franek and Caoimhe

Miss Larkin and the Green School Committee enjoyed a tour of Derryclure Waste and Recycling Centre last week. We learned about the importance of segregating our rubbish and how we can recycle and reuse! It is our job to help protect our environment. Thank you to Kim from Offaly County Council for organising this for us.

Green School newsletter March 2020

We have been awarded with our SIXTH Green flag!!!

Collecting our sixth Green Flag for Global Citizenship in Athlone on May 23rd. Ben and Ruairi are on the committee.

We are working on Global Citizenship this year.   Thank you to everyone who contributed to the recent shoebox collection.   We sent 61 shoeboxes to children in need.



What  kind  of  difference  can  I make,

what  simple  steps  can  we  all  take?

to  make  the world  better for  you  and  me

and grow  our  Global  Community.

Use  less  plastic, ditch  the car

Kindness to everyone,   and we’ll go far!

Wyatt and Noah  picked out the new Global Citizenship rap for the school to learn.

Bruce from Junior Infants winner of our new Global Citizenship rap with second and third place winners Caoimhe and Keela, The Green School committee  presented the prizes.

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