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Greetings from St Joseph’s Green School’s Committee!

St. Joseph’s Green School Committee is so proud of all the flags we have been awarded so far. We now have 6 green flags:

  1. Litter and waste

  2. Energy conservation

  3. Water conservation

  4. Travel

  5. Biodiversity

  6. Global Citizenship

We are continuing to work on the theme of Global Citizenship and Energy.  We are looking at Global Citizenship in relation to energy. We will be reviewing our energy use in school and investigating ways to reduce this further. We will also look at how we can save energy on a global scale. The most obvious global link to energy is climate change. This is the most serious problem of our time and is closely related to our energy use. Awareness of all previous themes will also be maintained throughout this theme.

We have a brand-new Green Schools Committee this year!

Our members are – Luke, Marianne, Lisa-Marie, Kelly, Sophie, Isabelle, Andre, Bella, Róisín, Ciara and Nia.

We are so excited to have you all on board and look forward to creating some great activities and ideas for our school, based on the theme of global citizenship and energy!

Our School celebrated ‘National Tree Day’ on October 1st! We had so much fun visiting our class trees and giving them a big hug! Pictures below.

The committee held our annual bin competition in October. This was a huge success!  Well done to all the winning classes pictured below..

We all continue to promote composting by using a compost bin in each class.

We now have an energy officer and a water watcher in each class. This is a very important job as they need to make sure all lights, projectors and taps are turned off throughout the day when they are not needed. Let’s save energy!!

Our infant classes are reading all about Guzzler – a green monster who does not know how to save energy! We know the children will be able to help him out with some tips!

1st and 2nd classes are learning about The Lorax and the importance of saving trees to help our environment and act against climate change! Pictures below!

Stay tuned for more updates here and on Twitter!

Annual Spring Clean 2021

The Green School Committee held our Annual Spring Clean on Monday March 15th.  We are so proud and thankful towards all the classes and their teachers for the fantastic clean up that took place.  There was a magnificent array of children searching for any unwanted litter and filling up their bags with great pride!  We will continue to take great care of our school and show our love for our precious environment.  Click on the slide below to see photos from our Spring Clean!

Bin Competition Winners

National Tree Day

The Lorax

Dr. Seuss wrote a book called ‘The Lorax’ which is all about caring for the planet so First and Second Class did some work based on this great book!  Just click on the book cover below to see photos.

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