Mr. Hynes

Welcome to our class page.

A big welcome to our webpage.   The boys and girls are well settled in as they begin their final year in St. Joseph’s.  A quick four years……

The children have a very special year coming up where they will make their First Confession & First Holy Communion.

We will keep you posted over the next few months.

Science week

This week the boys and girls were entertained with a Zoom call from the “Superhero Scientist”.  They were learning about the science of superheroes and their superpowers.  They got to ask loads of questions.  Also using heat we were able to make rainbows and we uploaded our balloon experiment to Seesaw.   We had loads of fun.


Here are some photos from our Halloween celebrations.

Halloween Art

Some of the children’s art.  They really enjoyed decorating the classroom door for Halloween.

Leaf Bubbles

In Science we were investigating if plants breathes air.  We learned that when we breathe out we create bubbles in water.  Well, so does the plant leaves by creating small tiny air bubbles.

Leaf Art

The boys and girls were busy doing some Leaf Art.

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