Ms. Kenny

Welcome back to all the boys and girls who are now in first class. We have had a great first week back and are really enjoying being with our classmates, learning and having fun! Today we visited our class tree, the silver birch, we will be watching it grow throughout the year!

World Book Day

Children from Ms. Kenny’s class enjoying lots of stories on World Book Day.

Global Citizenship

Room 18 got off to a great start in their global citizenship work with a very interesting talk from Michelle. She spoke to the class and gave them some ideas about how they could become active global citizens.We can be global citizens by throwing away less plastic or recycling it more often,  taking public transport, planting trees, doing clean-ups more often and encouraging people to use less electricity. We designed our own posters to reflect our work

Pancake Tuesday in Room 18

Ms. Kenny’s 1st class had some lovely pancakes to celebrate Pancake or Shrove Tuesday. We had loads of toppings to suit all tastes, including nutella, fruits, lemon, sugar and honey. They were a lovely treat at the end of a hard days work!

Happy Valentine’s Day from Room 18!


First class have been learning all about Electricity this week. Firstly we talked about electricity – how important it is and also the dangers with electricity.  The children then experimented with static electricity by rubbing balloons on their hair to make it stand up!

We then tested what materials were attracted to our balloons when we created static electricity by rubbing them on our woolly jumpers. We had a very fun and active lesson. 🙂


What a wonderful visit from Santa today! Room 18 really enjoyed meeting him and telling Santa our Christmas wishes. We hope everyone has a great Christmas and a very happy new year.


This week we have been learning about modes of transport and data. So as part of S.E.S.E. and maths we did a traffic survey of the transport that passes our school. We used tally marks and a bar chart to show the information we discovered. It was great fun!

Road Safety Week

Room 18 had lots of fun and learned some very important road safety tips this week.
*Be Safe Be Seen
*Stop and listen before you cross the road
*Look both ways before you cross and find a safe place to cross
We went on a walk around Arden view using our safety tips!  Street smart also taught us a lot about road safety and we even got our own safety licences!

Town Library

The boys and girls in Room 18 visited Tullamore Library today to listen to Christina Neary reading some of her debut novel ‘Cobs’. The children really enjoyed listening to her reading the story which focuses on friendships and believing in who you are.


Room 18 are really enjoying spending time in the new library. There are so many amazing books and authors to choose from, like Roald Dahl, Holly Webb, David Walliams and many many more! We cant wait to visit every week!!

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