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Pyjama Party

Pyjama Party in room 8

Procedural Writing

We are learning about procedural writing in November.  We made jam sandwiches.  We wrote a jam sandwich procedure.

Our Senses

We are learning about our five senses. We used our sense of hearing to hear the popcorn popping in the microwave. We used our sense of smell to smell the popcorn. We used our sense of sight to describe what popcorn looked like. We used our sense of touch to describe how the popcorn felt in our hands. We used our sense of taste to taste the salty popcorn.   It was delicious!

Halloween Games

We had great fun playing Halloween games in room 8

Halloween Aistear

Room 8 are very busy during Aistear time this month. Our Aistear theme for October is ‘Hallowe’en’. We enjoy participating in Hallowe’en themed activities. We particularly enjoy making potions in our cauldron and casting spells in the role play area. We are also making spooky Halloween creatures to put on our classroom door.


We have been very busy playing in room 8.

Fine Motor Skills in Senior Infants

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