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Welcome to Ms. Newman’s second class page! Keep an eye on this page for lots of information and pictures about the exciting learning and fun activities the boys and girls are doing in room 22!

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Spring Clean 

On Monday 15th March we put on our gloves and went outside for a Spring clean of the yard! We collected lots of rubbish and supported our Green School Committee. 


Famous Landmarks Construction. 

This week we learned all about famous landmarks across the world. From Sydney Opera House, The Taj Mahal, Big Ben, The Burj Khalifa and many, many more! The children researched different landmarks in groups and presented all the interesting facts to their classmates. Once they had lots of information about the various landmarks, they decided which one they wanted to construct! The boys and girls planned carefully and decided what materials they needed! With lots of help from home we collected recyclable materials and began building! Look at these photos to see the AMAZING landmarks that were created in room 22. I am so proud of everyone!


Advent Mass

We celebrated the beginning of Advent with a mass on Tuesday 8th December. The whole school got together via Zoom and Fr. Fergal presented a lovely ceremony. Lexi and Joshua did a reading together and Sophie held the word Peace which represents the second candle on the Advent wreath. All the boys and girls did some actions to the song Ding Dong Merrily On High. It was a lovely mass and we are in full preparations for the birth of Jesus and his birthday now on Christmas Day!


Pyjama Party

Friday 4th of December could not come quick enough! We were all so excited for the pyjama party in room 22! It did not disappoint! The room was filled with fairy lights and the blinds were shut, it was so cosy! It began with hot chocolate, followed by Angela’s Christmas, lots and lots of reading, some calming music and meditation and Ms. Newman read to us also. She read Peace At Last and a Christmas story. We didn’t want it to end! You can see our photos here. 


Science Week

Science week took place from the 9th to the 13th November! What an action packed week we had in room 22!  First we created our own rockets and launched them, as we are currently learning all about space. We also made rainbows using skittles and water and watched the colours dissolve to make rainbows. We mixed cornflour and hair conditioner and made some lovely smelling, soft play dough! Dr. Barry Fitzgerald “The Superhero Scientist” came to our classroom via Zoom and told us about the science of superheroes! Ellie May, Danny and Adam were the lucky winners of some of his books. Everyone enjoyed this and all of the boys and girls asked him amazing questions! Finally we created our own volcanoes using mint flavoured Mentos and Diet Coke, they react against each other and cause the coke to erupt. We have lots of pictures here and even some videos please take a look and see all of our activities for science week 2020!

Exploring Light:

We enjoyed learning about sources of light. We used torches to investigate items in the classroom.  We were looking for things that were transparent, translucent and opaque!

Halloween In Room 22


We had fantastic Halloween celebrations in room 22! We loved looking at each other’s costumes, everyone made such a great effort! We played lots of Halloween games like feed the monster and throwing the eyeballs into the pumpkin bucket. We also went outside to look for pumpkins and met Fr. Fergal who said a prayer with us. We walked around Arden View and saw some houses that had amazing decorations one of them was Lexi’s house! Of course we had a Halloween disco and a party too! What a super day 🙂

There are lots of photos too, please take a look!


Twisted Hazel Tree

The second class tree is called “The Twisted Hazel”. We have been learning some facts about it this week and we also visited it. It gets its name from its twisted branches! It is a deciduous tree and won’t grow taller than 1.2 meters. We enjoyed visiting the tree and taking a closer look at it. We also made our own twisted hazel trees from pipe cleaners – it was a lot of fun! Look at our pictures….. 


Body Percussion


We had great fun recreating this “Rainstorm” body percussion video by Perpetuum Jazzile. 

I can’t even hear any difference – well done boys and girls!! We used our fingers, hands and knees to create the rain and storm sounds. 

We might not use too many instruments this year but we will find many inventive and save ways to create music 🙂 

Happy listening! 


Roald Dahl Day 

We had a great day celebrating Roald Dahl in room 22 today! It was a sea of yellow in the classroom! We had fun searching for special golden tickets, there were only 6 in the whole school and we had one lucky winner in our class! Well done to Joshua!


We found out lots about Roald Dahls life and did some writing about him. We looked at some of his books and watched some of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The boys and girls also brought home special bookmarks!

What an amazing author who we love to celebrate! Take a look at some of our photos….

Fun in the Sun. 


We are really enjoying being back in school with our friends and teacher. We enjoyed a little break on the equipment and had so much fun! Look at our smiling faces in these photos…

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