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School Tour

We really enjoyed our school tour to Dún na Sí. We got to feed animals and learn about the types of house people used to live in. Our favourite part was playing in the sun.


We really enjoyed a picnic in the sun on Lá Glas. We helped the Green School Committee clean up rubbish from around our school. After all our hard work we enjoyed playing with our friends!


Christmas in Room 12!

Pyjama Party In Room 12

 We really enjoyed the pyjama party in Room 12. We read lots of stories and drank hot chocolate. It was a great day!

Science Week

We really enjoyed Science Week in Room 12. We melted chocolate to make rice crispy buns. We also made a rainbow with skittles and a lava lamp. We have been learning all about bossy verbs and procedures this week too. We made funny face biscuits and wrote a procedure on how to make them. Our favourite part was eating our biscuits!

Happy Halloween from Rm 12!

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