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Welcome to the St. Joseph’s National School pupil web pages. Here is some information about St. Josephs written by two pupils from Second Class:



Going to St. Joseph’s N.S. is fun because you go on many tours. When I went on those tours I felt really happy being with my friends.  Some of the tours we go on are Dublin Zoo, Imaginosity, a panto in The Helix, Dublin and the Garda Station. St. Joseph’s also educates hundreds of children per year.  We also have appropriate equipment for children to develop the right muscles. At St. Joseph’s we try to be the best school in Tullamore by teaching everyone how to share and play together. So bring your child to St. Joseph’s N.S.



Going to St Joseph N.S. Tullamore is fun great and nice because you are never alone .We have friendship games and a raffle every Friday.  We go on school tours like Annaharvey and Dublin Zoo. We have an Easter egg hunt. The Halloween parade is when we walk around Arden View. We have a pyjama party. Our playground has bars, a cow, snail and stepping stones. We get to meet Santa . This year 2nd class got to go to The Helix in Dublin. We got to see The Sleeping Beauty. It was really good. I enjoyed the bus up to Dublin. I liked the songs and the dancing. The teachers are really nice here.

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