Our Parents’ Association introduced a very attractive uniform in September 1993. In February, 2014 we surveyed parents to find out their views about the uniform.  Thank you to the large numbers who responded to our survey.  It is very gratifying to see that so many pupils and parents love our choice of uniform.  We think it looks very smart and colourful and the children are often complimented on it when we are on tours.  Of the 219 responses to the survey, 210 were in favour of the uniform.  Of these, 84% favoured having a uniform with school colours, 82% are happy with the uniform as it is.  91% of respondents like the “St. Joseph’s” name sewn on the jumper/cardigan and 85% are in favour of the girls pinafore.  Just 6% would like a branded track-suit bottom for P.E.


Please ensure that children wear their uniform every day.  A plain navy track-suit bottom can be worn with the blue jumper/cardigan on P.E. days.


Boys wear:

  • tie

  • white polo shirt or white shirt

  • jumper

  • trousers


Girls wear:

  • tie

  • white polo shirt or blouse

  • cardigan

  • pinafore




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The uniform is available at: G & T Drapery, Tullamore



Please mark your child’s name clearly on all items of clothing. You can buy name tapes to sew or iron on to clothes. The school is not responsible for lost property.  We are always happy to accept uniforms in good condition at any time during the year.  Boys jumpers are always in demand and navy trousers are handy to have during the muddy season!

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