Áthas Senior

Welcome to our class page!  We finally managed to get a photo of the whole class today.  This year is different for us as we have Marie, Deirdre and Sandra working with us every day.  Here are their photos so that you know who is who!


Halloween Parade

Halloween is always a very special and exciting time for Athas.  This year we decided to emulate the internet sensation ~Baby Shark.  We had baby shark triplets, Mammy and Daddy Shark, Granny and Grandad Shark, Auntie Shark, Music Shark and Teacher Shark.  As usual we led the school on the Halloween parade around the estate.  Music Shark kept us all in tune so we could sing our way around.

Halloween Party

We had a great morning at the Sacred Heart School for the annual Halloween party.  As usual, we had a ball and met up with all our friends from other schools.

Eradication of Poverty

We were delighted to be involved in an event to mark the 70th anniversary of the development of the Charter of Human Rights which was celebrated as part of the Eradication of Poverty movement recently.  Our representative, Abbey, read our the declaration “The right to fair treatment” and read if perfectly!  We were all so proud of Abbey!


We had no visit from Noel this week so while the cat’s away …

Deirdre brought in her accordion and we all had a try.  Then we played lots of music games and tried a few dances.

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