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Welcome to our class page!  We finally managed to get a photo of the whole class today.  This year is different for us as we have Marie, Deirdre and Sandra working with us every day.  Here are their photos so that you know who is who!


End of Year Performance

We always like to end the year with a special performance and this year was no exception.  The class performed their piece, entitled “What a Wonderful World!”  The piece was made up of many elements – song, spoken word, an original composition, drama, songs in different languages and some classics too!  The children dressed up to reflect their roles – Abbey was the pilot of the plane, Michael was a French boy, Robbie was a Spanish boy, Oliwia was a Polish girl, Jake was an Australian boy, Callum was an American cowboy and Conor was our narrator.  Even the grown ups dressed up as the cabin crew!!  The performance was flawless and marked the culmination of six months’ work.  Enjoy the photos and a video of the performance in its entirety!

Special Olympics

We travelled to The Watershed in Kilkenny to participate in a Special Olympics Leinster athletics competition.  This was the first competition for 5 of our athletes and they all did us so proud.  We had athletes taking part in various events, both track and field – 50m run, 50m walk, 25m run, soft ball throw and mini javelin.  The guys did so well – we got gold medals, silver and bronze and a few ribbons too!  All the children were well supported by their families who cheered louder than any other club there.   We were delighted to welcome Crumble, Conor’s assistance dog, ably handled by David, to the games.  This was the first time an assistance dog plus handler were included in the games and we are thrilled that St. Joseph’s led the way for other athletes to participate in this way.  We met up with past pupils Moira and Alanna and were delighted to see them competing at the event.  The official photographs can be found by following this link.  On return to school on Monday morning, there was an official reception for us.  The children paraded through a guard of honour before a celebration in the hall.  In the afternoon, we had a little party to mark a very successful competition.


Flutter by, my Butterfly

We were delighted to welcome a host of tiny caterpillars into Áthas in early May.  We watched them eat and grow, eat and grow, eat some more and then build their cocoons.  We waited patiently for our beautiful butterflies to emerge.  They waited until the June bank holiday weekend.  We returned to school on Tuesday to find fluttering butterflies in our butterfly garden.  We fed them on homemade nectar [sugar and water] and then let them go on a sunny day.  All in all, the process lasted one month from arrival to departure.  Enjoy the photos and videos below – there’s even a video of one of the butterflies emerging from its cocoon.  So exciting!

Ice cream party

We were so happy to receive an invitation from our very good friend, Garda Fergus to …… AN ICE CREAM PARTY!!!!  Such an exciting prospect – ice cream, a sunny day and lots of friends.

Our Tour

We travelled to the depths of County Kildare to visit the Kildare Farm shop and pet farm.  We had a wonderful time – a ride on the road train, a walk around the farm to see the animals, lunch in the cafe and even ice cream!  The pet farm had great animals – chickens, ducks, turkeys, sheep and goats plus a few surprises – camels, zebras, wallabies, ostriches, emus, reindeer and alpacas.  We even spied a crocodile – “See you later, alligator!!”

Topic Work

As part of our topic on Plants and Animals, we had a very special visitor – a little lamb named Freddie!  We got to find out all about lambs and fed this little guy too!  Boy, was he hungry.

Food Dudes

We’ve really enjoyed trying lots of new fruit and vegetables for Food Dudes.


What a busy week – making Easter bonnets, Easter egg hunts [plus a birthday party] and then the Easter Bonnet Parade.  We certainly need a holiday after all that!

Birthday Party

We were delighted to receive an invitation to celebrate Abbey’s birthday recently.  We travelled all the way to Westmeath and had a brilliant day – sausages, nuggets, chips, cake, sunshine and swings! What more could we ask for ??

Engineering Workshop

The children had a wonderful experience today – an engineering workshop with Scott!.  We made rollercoasters for marbles using stretches of tubing, tape and even incorporated bridges into our constructions!  We had a great time and learned so much!  Check out the photos and videos of our achievements.

Road Safety Week

We joined our friends in Athas Junior to go on a safety walk around the estate.  We talked about how to cross the road safely.  We also spoke about how we should never go into the staff car park and definitely should NEVER go over or under the barriers, even when a grown up is with us.  The car park is not a safe place to be even if our mammy or daddy is with us.

Christmas Pop-up Shop

What a day we had last Friday!  We turned the classroom into a pop-up Christmas shop and the children used their savings to buy presents for their families.  We had a real till and a pick-n-mix section  where there children could put a few treats together for their brothers and sisters.  After buying their presents, we had a wrapping station, a label making table and a Christmas card making section too!  After such a busy, we had Supermac’s for lunch before carrying on with our Christmas work.  Hopefully everyone will love their presents – ho, ho, ho!

Halloween Parade

Halloween is always a very special and exciting time for Athas.  This year we decided to emulate the internet sensation ~Baby Shark.  We had baby shark triplets, Mammy and Daddy Shark, Granny and Grandad Shark, Auntie Shark, Music Shark and Teacher Shark.  As usual we led the school on the Halloween parade around the estate.  Music Shark kept us all in tune so we could sing our way around.

Halloween Party

We had a great morning at the Sacred Heart School for the annual Halloween party.  As usual, we had a ball and met up with all our friends from other schools.

Eradication of Poverty

We were delighted to be involved in an event to mark the 70th anniversary of the development of the Charter of Human Rights which was celebrated as part of the Eradication of Poverty movement recently.  Our representative, Abbey, read our the declaration “The right to fair treatment” and read if perfectly!  We were all so proud of Abbey!


We had no visit from Noel this week so while the cat’s away …

Deirdre brought in her accordion and we all had a try.  Then we played lots of music games and tried a few dances.

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