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Congratulations to Alex who made  his confirmation this weekend.  Everyone is so proud of you Alex!


Happy Christmas from everyone in Áthas – and Santa too!!

Carol Singing

We headed to the Bridge Centre today to do some carol singing.  We took a bus and sang beautifully underneath the Christmas tree, accompanied by our trusty musician, Noel.  We were supporting some of the mums who are fundraising for our Special Olympic athletes, Alex, Oliwia, Becky and Moira, who are heading to the national games in Dublin next June.  The ladies ran a lovely cake and decoration sale and looked fabulous dressed in their Christmas aprons.  Overall, we raised €501.27, a wonderful amount!  Well done to everyone involved.  Special thanks to Vinny who picked out the winning ticket for the Christmas cake raffle.  The cake was won by Chris, another Special Olympic athlete from Ballinamere club.  Enjoy it, Chris!

Áthas 2

Some activities in class in Áthas 2

Library Visit

The children from the senior class visited the town library.  We had a great time reading stories and then chose books to bring back to school to help us with our topic – Energy and Forces!

Senior Áthas

We are very happy to welcome Jake, Robbie and Callum to the Senior class.


Halloween is our favourite time of year – we just love dressing up and leading the parade!  This year we we took to the seas around Arden View, leading a band of hearty pirates, ably accompanied by a motley crew of helpers.  We saw some land-lubbers waiting to watch us [AKA Mammy and Daddy!] and followed our music maestro, Deirdre on the button accordian.  Happy Halloween everyone!

Fruit Tasting

A great big “thank you” to Mrs. O’Brien and Jill from Bradbury’s who organized a Halloween fruit tasting session.  We got to try banana, grapes, apple and satsumas and even got to dip them in chocolate!  Helen took lots of photographs but there was something wrong with her phone and only four were saved so apologies to Oliwia who was present who isn’t in the photos.

Halloween Party

We had a great time at the annual Sacred Heart Halloween Party. Everyone dressed up – skeletons, clowns, ninjas, cowboys, Robin Hood and Spiderman!

Active Flag

Not only did we meet the Rose of Tralee today, but the school’s third Active Flag was celebrated today.  We are all so proud of Oliwia who was selected to raise the flag, in recognition of the school’s Special Olympics team.  Well done, Oliwia.  You represented us perfectly!

Rose of Tralee

There was great excitement today as we welcomed the Rose of Tralee, Jennifer, to St. Joseph’s.  As the Chairperson of the Student Council, it fell to Alex to officially welcome her.  Abbey, who is a neighbour of Jennifer, presented her with a gift.  We’re so proud of you both.


Our lovely SNA, Deirdre, brought in her accordian and told us all about it.  We all got to try and had great fun making music!

Clay Tiles

In 2015, we had a parent and child pottery day with Finn O’Hara.  We made clay tiles which spell out the school  motto, Every Child, Every Chance, Every Day.  Well, after two years, we are proud to say that the tiles have been mounted on a spectacular board on the corridor.  We hope you will come in to see it and see if you can find the tiles you made.

Junior Áthas

We are having lots of fun in Junior Áthas with Miss Larkin and all our helpful SNA’s. We are all settling in very well and enjoying different activities. We love art with Carmel. We also love to play with water and sand. The sensory room is our favourite. We love watching the fish and relaxing on the water bed.