Áthas Junior

Welcome to our class page! 

Road Safety was so much fun! We learnt all about crossing the road safety

and even got our safety licences!


Making pizza pastry pin wheels as part of our cooking lessons. They were super easy to make and super delicious to eat!



Dressing up for the Halloween Parade is always one of our most favourite events of the school year!


Hot chocolate treats! We walked down to the shop for a delicious hot chocolate as a special treat! We loved sitting together, chatting and laughing!



Today the Gardaí came to visit both Áthas classes! We got to see their handcuffs and baton and even got to try on the Garda uniform! They told us all about how their radios work and let us know about all of the ways they keep us safe! Thank you so much to Garda Fergus and Garda William!





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