Áthas Senior

We are delighted to introduce our class for this year!

Virtual Library

We are delighted to share our virtual library with all the children in St. Joseph’s.  The library has all the books I have read to the children since we closed in March plus the books we wrote ourselves last week as part of the Áthas Book Week.  Just click on the library ticket below to enter the library.  Once you’re inside, just click on one of the covers to hear Ms. Nelligan reading the stories to you – don’t worry, you’ll also get to see the pictures!  So, are you sitting comfortably?  Let’s begin!

We had a masterclass in pancake making thanks to Marie, the princess.  She brought in all the ingredients and helped us mix up the perfect batter.  Marie, Sandra and Deirdre then cooked up a massive load of delicious pancakes which we then ate with different toppings – lemon and sugar, nutella, butter and syrup, strawberries, bananas and even a few marshmallows!!


We are so proud of our two senior girls, Abbey and Oliwia, as they celebrated their Confirmation.  The girls worked very hard and we were delighted to welcome their families and Father Fergal  to the class so that the girls could present their work.  On the day itself, both the young ladies conducted themselves with the greatest dignity and we were so happy to celebrate with them.

St. Brigid’s Day

Athas were delighted to welcome our friend, Father Fergal to the class to help us make crosses for St. Brigid’s day.  Fr. Fergal is a master at making them and even tried to do one blindfolded.  Believe it or not, it turned our perfectly.

Christmas Celebrations!

We have had a wonderful time during December.  We had a Christmas-themed day where children bought presents for their families in our pop-up shop!  Sandra did a great job on the till, even providing children with handwritten receipts.  After that we had a decoration making station, a card making station, a gift bag making station and a wrapping station.  After that, we were well and truly ready for lunch – a special treat from Supermac’s!  Delicious!!!  We had a merry Christmas sing-a-long with Noel on our last full day and sang and danced with the parents who were able to come and join us.  It was Noel’s birthday so we ended with a heartfelt version of Happy Birthday and, of course, cake.  Happy Christmas everyone!

Fiddle Playing

As a special treat, Noel brought in his old fiddle.  We each took turns to play and experiment with the sounds we could make.  Thanks, Noel, it was a great idea!


We had a great few days before our mid-term Halloween holiday began.  We had the party [see below], played Halloween games in the hall, we dressed up as a rainbow with rain clouds for the parade and then celebrated Marie and Deirdre’s special birthdays.  We certainly needed a week off after all that activity!!

Halloween Party

We had a fantastic time at the Sacred Heart School yesterday for the annual Halloween party.  The children were just so excited and this year, parents really outdid themselves with the costumes.  We can’t wait for the main event next week – the Halloween Parade!!!

Road Safety Week

We really enjoyed working with Alexandria to learn about Road Safety.  We got to practice crossing the road safely.  In the giant car, we learned about fastening seat belts and tightening them.  We did so well, we all got our Safety Licences!


We have enjoyed our two dance sessions with Ciara.  Just look at our moves!

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